Three Secrets of Bringing Abundance Into Building Your Best Life


What's holding you back from building your life the way you want it to be? Today, financial expert and Amazon bestselling author, John Browning, talks with Elizabeth Otis as she takes us through some of the science behind what often holds us back from our Best Life. Then she gives three ideas to get our mind working for us. This one episode could be a breakthrough for you as you seek to Build Your Life.  

Welcome to the build your life podcast with John Browning. Build your life as a relaxed and unedited conversation with financial expert in number one Amazon best selling author, John Browning Jones the founder of Guardian Rock Wealth and serves clients across the United States. John's the author of the book build a life, not a portfolio, a guide to your financial future based on your personal values, which you can purchase on Amazon, or stay around to the end of today's show and I'll tell you how to get a free copy mailed right to your door. I'm Michael de Lan Your House for the next few minutes as we chat with financial expert and business owner John Browning. Well, hello everybody, and welcome to this week's addition to building your life podcast with John Browning and Michael Delan is off today. We've given him a little bit of a much deserved break and we have a special guest with us today. Her name is Elizabeth Otis. She and I met with our in our conversations and dealings on the speakers network. Both of us are speakers in our own rights and it was really intriguing to get to know Elizabeth a little bit better. She deals with and I'll let her explain this because this is way out of my realm, but she kind of deals with this brain science and neuroscience behind sort of why we do what we do and how we can maybe reprogram some of those things that may get in the way of our success, not just in an overall life and building your life, but also, and maybe your portfolios, in your financial area of your life, which, as everyone who has listened to this podcast before knows, we're all about building a life, not just a portfolio. So, Elizabeth, why don't you kind of introduce yourself and that will kind of what kind of go from there and get to know you a little bit and then we're talk about some of the things that you're really, really good at. And I'm not all right, I love it. Well, thank you so much, John, and hello. Special shout out to everyone who's listening and watching in today we're going to make a super valuable so that it is worth every bit of your time. So, like John said, I am Elizabeth, I am a student of neuroscience and I specialize in helping other entrepreneurs overcome any sort of external or internal resistance so that they can achieve the results we want. And so today we are going to be talking about three little known ways to attract more a financial abundance, to bring in more financial abundance to your life today, right now, without do John, do you want to start in with number one? Do you want me to just go ahead and dive in? Well, I thought it was really interesting when you explain to me kind of what number one is. It is very different than I would have expected and it's kind of and like many things, when you actually look into the strategy behind you know people who are successful,...'s a little bit different than what we might expect. So go ahead and talk to us about the whole negativity and maybe not running away from it. Yes, so, first and foremost, as you guys know, like we are human and life is life. So no matter what, no matter how good we are, what strategies we have, you know how good of a person Gore on the effort we put out, we're going to experience negativity some point in our lives. And so, instead of running away from it, it's actually best to leverage it, because why not leverage everything that's coming into your space? And not only is it a good idea because you're able to leverage everything that's coming into your space, but by not leveraging the negative thoughts and the negative emotions that come in, we actually block the resources, the solutions and the ideas that are going to get us the results that we want. And so, as you're going through life and you set your intentions and you're working towards them, the very first thing you want to do is just practice basic mindfulness, because if you're aware of your emotions, you can then become aware of your thoughts, which will then reveal to you the things that you're thinking to yourself that are creating your reality. Because whatever thoughts were thinking, that's the perception we're operating from and therefore that's the results we're going to create from. Because right now, if you were to just test it, saying where's the blue in this room and start looking for the blue, you're going to start peeking blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. If you start saying where's the danger in this room? where? How could I get hurt, you're going to start realizing that there's danger all around you, and vice versa. So it's very important that we become aware of our emotions, making sure that any time our emotions are not in like an elevated state of being. We know that we're thinking of thought that is not going to get us the results we want. So any time that we're aware of that thought, we want to not just ignore it and say, okay, think positive now, because the whole reason we're thinking that thought is because up until this current, present moment in life, we've had the experience telling US otherwise. So if you're trying to bring more financial abundance into your life and say you're even thinking about hiring John, right, it's like, okay, but I feel kind of irritated by behind hiring John, even though, like, I know he's the guy, he has success, but for some reason I just feel a little irritated or like uneasy about it. So the second thing you want to do is become aware of the thoughts. Why? Well, because I haven't used a financial plan before. Maybe I have in the past and they haven't been that successful or they haven't been giving me the help I wanted. So the next thing you one do is you want to validate that. Don't run away from it, because if you run away from it, your body's like, okay, well, we've experienced this, so we're just going to keep bringing it up and we're going to keep creating that reality. So you actually want to validate it being like yes, I agree with you, kind of like sales right, like if you're going to sell someone, you're not going to be like no, no, no, on their objection, you're going to agree with their objection and roll with it and use it as the reason as to why you're getting more of you know, why they should buy from you. So it's the same thing with your mind, whenever you're having those negative thoughts and emotion, validate that. Yes, I realize that. In the past, you know, I've hired financial planner that wasn't...

...the best for me. And so then you want to ask yourself a question that's going to get you the results you want, because we will get an answer to any question we ask, even if the question isn't true. Like if you have black hair right now, ask yourself, why do I have blond hair? You're going to get an answer, even though it's not true. So it's very critical that, once you validate that negative thought, that negative emotion, you ask yourself a question around moving towards the obtainment of what you want. So, yes, I'm feeling irritated, even though I want to hire John, I'm just feel uneasy because the people have haired in the past and I've every right to feel that way. So how can I feel certain and that John's the right guy for me? Where can I find evidence that this is going to be a good match for me? So you're asking yourself questions to get you the result that you want. That's so critical, because if you don't lean into those negative thoughts, that good emotions, then you're just going to keep creating more of it. It's like unavoidable. I love that and and it's just, like I said, it's different than maybe the traditional thought process that we that we all tend to go through. We want to run away from that negativity or, like you said, it's if we say, if I tell you don't look for the elephant, you're going to look for the elephant. It's just it's just what we do right, and they've been a bunch of studies on that right. So that whole mindfulness and mindset is super important and and you're right, a lot of people on this podcast that are watching are saying to themselves. I know they are, because I talked to several of them and they're like, I I don't know about this, while I don't really think I either need a financial advisor. I can figure it out on my own because I'm pretty smart person, I'm a great professional whatever is that I do, and they come up with all sorts of reasons, but they end up and what they end up with is in this what I call the days and didn't confused space. Because, guess what, they spend most of their life being an engineer, a teacher, a plumber or a lawyer, a doctor, and they're really good at that and they're really smart at that and if they spend as much time as at that as they would on their financial planning and their life planning, well they could do what I do as well, but I really enjoy what I do and I do that full time. But they get that mindset and then they end up in either the days didn't confused space, is what I call it, or they just end up with nothing and no plan for what they want their life to be like in the future. So that's that's a really good one and that I really appreciate. Before we move further, I want to make sure because I know after that when people are going to be interested. How did it? How's the best way for somebody to get in touch with you? So the best way to get in touch if you don't already have facebook, which I know it sounds weird because everyone sends people to their website, but my youtube channel, because that has the plethora of knowledge in science,...

...backed youtube videos on teaching how to apply this knowledge, and then all my contact information is available in description below all those videos. Awesome, awesome and and I will tell you I've been out, I've watched those videos. She really gets into the science, which is what turns me. I was really likely to know what's the science behind all this? You know, it's it's not, I don't for what it my personality. The whole touchy Feeley thing, you know, is tough for me, but it's just me who I am. But she gets into the science or which I think is kind of where you're going next, right. Yeah, absolutely. So we just talked about how to get out of that, you know, stage where you know, you're cognitively aware of that. I'm not in the place I want to be. So that's the first thing you want to do is ask yourself the right questions, validate the thoughts so you can move more in the direction you want. The second step is reprogramming your subconscious mind, because if you get anything out of this, like this video right now, it's so incredibly important for you to know that the whole reason you don't have what you want right now is because there's more pain attached to either the outcome or the getting of the outcome then there is pleasure. and pain doesn't just mean like straight up pain, like a me, it also means unfamiliar and it's not cognitively aware, it's subliminally. So roughly ninety percent of our behavior is shaped by our subconscious mind. So this is why it doesn't matter how hard you work, who you know, what strategy you have or anything like that, if your programming is not in alignment. That's why, even though John is here right now, like he has the best services for you guys and he's ready to serve, why you could still not be pulling the trigger because somewhere subliminally, there's a belief that once I achieve this, there's going to be more pain or just simply the unknown, because your body hasn't been conditioned yet to know what that's like, that that's scary. It's anything unfrom there equals death to the subconscious mind. So cognitively you could be like, Oh, I know I'm going to get this outcome, but to your subconscious mind, like it's just like it's death right, and so it's always going to avoid and so one thing that you can do, and there's many of different ways that you can reprogram your subconscious line. So definitely hot back over to the Youtube Channel to look at all the different ways that you can do this today. But knowing that whenever there's more pleasure attached to the outcome and the getting of the outcome than there is pain, you actually can't help but to bring in more financial abundance. It's just like breathing, right, like breathing is a part of that. Ninety percent there's more pleasure attached than pain. So you can't help but to not breathe. And when you try to stop breathing, you faced a lot of resistance and it's really hard for you not to breathe. So it's literally the same thing for anything in life. Like that's why you was here. People referring to that like financial thermometer and when it comes to maintaining a certain level of thing comes, if that was what they're referring to. Yeah, I like that. And Your Youtube Channel is as an Elizabeth Otis just the type in Elizabeth Otis Right. That's HAP with your youth.

Super Simple, right. Yes, so and and everybody here, if you're familiar with the podcast and less this is your first time, you know, you can reach me at Guardian Rock wealthcom and of course I have we have linkedin, we have facebook and we have youtube as well. But on our website there's all kinds of free materials resources for you to use and get kind of used to what it is that we do. And they said free stuff too, so that you can like run some calculators and get to know us a little bit better that way. So please reach out. There's also the big contact to us, and you can you can reach out on that. Will be happy to send you a free book build a life, not a portfolio, if you do reach out to us. And also three one, two, three, seventy two, five thousand will get you directly into our office also. Now there's another section that we don't want to miss. Elizabeth and this may be kind of the capstone of kind of what makes all that that you just talked about work. So tell us a little bit about that. Yes, so, first of all, those spraybasund excellence. So definitely go ahead and grab your guys itself a copy of that. I know I'm going to refer over to it as well, just to check you out even more. But going into elaborating off of all what we just said and using science to back this, because this last part may sound a little loo right, but going back to what John said, everything we're talking about to say is here back in science. And so if we were to look at our self right, like, we're just a bunch of atoms, if you were to break it down, super simple. But what does an Adam break down to you, right, like what's even Simpler Than Adam? And Adam is ninety nine percent empty space, like it's we're basically all energy, energy, just is right. And so yes, like there could be the programming aspect, but what even comes before the programming? It's the energy that fuels the programming. And so there is this technique called tapping that whenever you do the tapping on your body, which I have a video overall my youtube showing you in detail how to do so, you actually unclog what we would like to visualize as pipes that flow the financial abundance to you, because I know some of you guys, my ewnineer, have heard of chakras before Meridians. Just know that we have major energy centers that make up our human and each energy center is in relation to the type of energy it brings in. So there's Chakra Energy Center in relation to the financial fundance we bring and what allows that energy to flow to that energy center are the Meridians, the quote Unquote Two's, and so what tapping does is it on clogs, the Ridians, on clogs, the tubes that are blocking that financial energy flow to your energy centers so that you can actually receive it. And I know that sounds a little woo but that's why we go back and refer back to you. Hit The mute on yours. Mute. There we go. Okay, go back,...

...rewind about like thirty seconds. Okay, so you're not hearing me at all. No, I can hear you now. I'm sorry, I don't know where it what happens? Suddenly something went out, and this is what happens on a live podcast. So rewind like thirty minute there's thirty, not thirty minutes, thirty seconds and and we'll just pick right back up. Yeah, if you want, I can just recap from the tapping. So it might be easier. Okay, sure, it's kind of like the the idea was you need, and I talked about this too, with our mindset, you need an interrupt because we get so much from one place in and we've always been that way. You need an interrupt maybe. Is that kind of what the idea of tapping that it's like an interrupt, but it's more so because it's like if you were to think of like a clogged drain right and like you're trying to get water down. If you think of financial energy, it's like the Meridian. The the tapping on clogs the Meridian that allows the energy to flow to you. That makes sense. Yeah, Gotcha. Yeah, yes, so I'm trying to exactly where it kind of cut off or like we're a good thought would be. So was it hard? Is it hard to edit later? Yeah, it's a you know, you would just kind of explain that unclogging idea. So kind of thrown from there. Yeah, and so, and okay, so let me okay, here I go and so when it comes to tapping, we want to know that not only because we are basically energy that we have these energy centers right. Like I said, this might sound a little woo but going back to scientifically speaking and keeping it simple, we have energy centers, right, and in order to flow any type of energy to us, it has to flow through what's called a Meridian, and when our Meridians get clogged, through just fears, Traumas, any sort of reason why you're ready might get clogged. It doesn't allow the energy, the financial energy, to flow down to your energy center so that you can actually experience that in your reality. And so what tapping does is it essentially uncloggs this pipe so that financial energy can literally flow through your body and that you can now start experiencing it. This is a huge reason as to why, because we're just energy bodies, right, like the even money is energy, and so if our energy is not in alignment in addition to our programming, no matter how much we're flowing the water to it's clogged and it can't get through. And so I have a free video over on Youtube that you guys can check out on tapping to get the sign behind why that works and an exercise want to actually think. So I'm totally writing that down because I haven't seen that one. Okay, all, write that down here. So I re right that on. That is. It's a video on tapping on Elizabeth Otis Search Youtube Finder and it's a pretty cool stuff about. You know, we talked a lot on this podcast about, you know, the nuts and bolts and how you want to have your your estate plan right and all this other you know, sometimes it can be kind of boring.

We try and not make it boring here on our podcast, but this is this is something entirely new, but not really, because we do talk about the importance of building your life, not just your portfolio, and that's kind of what we're talking about here, is how to unlock the things that might be holding you back, unclogged that. You were ridian right. You referred to it as a Meridian as it kind of like a gateway. Yes, yes, yeah, I kind of like the gateway into your best life. What are those gateways and how do you unclog those and and stop blocking what is supposed to be your best life? There's a lot out there and sometimes we get we get everything right here right, right, what's right in front of our nose and what's way back in the past is what I found too. So let's I always talk to people about where those range. Things that we've been taught, as I mean as anybody on this podcast. Ever been taught something really strange that you still do as an adult? Have you ever done that, Elizabeth? Realize that, leader? I mean with me it was. It was bread backs. Okay, so the bread bags that you get the bread, you go grow story, you get the bread and you finish the bread and you throw the bread bag away. Not In our house when I was a kid. Okay, my mom she took that bread bag, she washed it out, she hung it up. You shouldn't. And if we got caught thrown away a boat bread bag before we had used it at least three or four times, we were in big trouble as the kids right. And then when I got any I just thought that was just sort of how things were done until I got married. My wife was like what are you doing and I was like, well, washing out the bread bag. Doesn't everybody do that? She's like no, it's just but that came from my mindset back here. It's a little strange. But you know, in our Throwa Society, you know, we just throw away the bread bag right. Maybe that's not enviromentally correct. So apologize for the ESG folks out there, but generally speaking, I no longer wash out my bread bags. But that also came from her mindset because her mother grew up during the great recession and you saved every single thing that you possibly could. So I understand where that comes from. But until we got I got to that interrupt and unclogged this that hey, life might be actually a little bit easier if I didn't watch out every bread bag I ran across. Right, probably get more done, but any things like that. So it is. It is interesting. What causes us not to experience causes us not to experience our best life or even plan for it, and I think you've really helped this out today. I really appreciate your being on the podcast. And again, everybody...

...knows. Everybody knows. First of all, this is not financial advice, but if you do want financial advice, you know how to get in touch with me at Guardian Rock wealthcom. And if you need some some help that's really interested you, you go to Elizabeth Otis looker up on Youtube and you'll be able to have all sorts of different ways to contact her then and look at some of her stuff. There's some it's free. It's right there on Youtube and you can learn a lot about the science behind the short of the brain science, the neuroscience behind sort of why we do what we do and why we don't do what maybe we could do. Right. All right. Well, thanks so much and we will. Lizabeth. You and I are going to talk more in the future. Maybe we'll have you on here again and do some do so a different topic or something like that. So thanks so much for being on the on the podcast with me. Yes, of course. Thank you so much for having me, John. Sure, thing all right. We'll see everyone in next week. Money really is a big part of our lives and John Browning can help you and your family learn how to keep money in the proper perspective. It's important, but it's only a tool that can help you build the life that you want. If you like, John Emeill, you a free copy of his book build a life, not a portfolio. Go to John's website, Guardian Rock wealthcom, and click the contact to US link and send your request. John Will Mell a copy of his book right to your door absolutely free. Thanks for listening to building your life podcast with John Browning. Be Sure to subscribe to this podcast so each new episode will be sent to you automatically when it's released. Have a terrific day. Nothing in this podcast should be construed as personal investment advice and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investing is not appropriate for everyone. There is a risk of loss associated with investing in the markets. No representation or implication is being made that using any methodology or system will generate profits or insure freedom from losses. Please remember that investing carries risk. Guardian Rock Wealth LLC and it's affiliates are fiduciary investment advisors. Please consult with US or another experienced, qualified investment advisor before making any investment decisions and or trying to implement any of the strategies and tactics we may discuss in any of our publications or podcasts.

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