Never Be Poor Again. A guide to money as a spiritual practice with author Mathew Morales.


Author Mathew Morales, talks with John Browning about the difference between begin rich and wealthy. If all you have is money you are actually poor. Listen to this interview and learn how to take the next step in your financial literacy journey. This is a very compelling conversation that you will really enjoy. Connect with Mathew at his website: And always remember that nothing in this communication should be construed as personal investment advice and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investing is not appropriate for everyone. There is a risk of loss associated with investing in the markets. No representation or implication is being made that using any methodology or system will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses. Please remember that investing carries risk. Guardian Rock Wealth LLC and its affiliates are fiduciary investment advisors. Please consult with us or another experienced, qualified investment advisor before making any investment decisions and/or trying to implement any of the strategies and tactics we may discuss in any of our publications.  

Welcome to the build your life podcastwith John Browning. Build your life as a relaxed and unedited conversation with financialexpert in number one Amazon bestselling author, John Browning. John's the founder ofGuardian Rock Wealth and serves clients across the United States. John's the author ofthe book build a life, not a portfolio, a guide to your financialfuture based on your personal values, which you can purchase on Amazon, orstay around to the end of today's show and I'll tell you how to geta free copy mailed right to your door. I'm Michael The lawn your house forthe next few minutes as we chat with financial expert and business owner JohnBrowning. Hey there, matthew, this is it is awesome to have youon the building your life podcast here today building your life with John Browning,and those of you who are regular listeners know that this is not investment advice. Right, Matthew? It is not investment advice, non investment advice.However, we hope that you can get something that you will be able totake away and be able to contact either myself, John Browning or Matthew abouthow we might be able to help you better in your personal walk as youbuild your life with this school that we call money and your finances. Andjust you know, I'm super grateful that Matthews taking the time to spend alittle time with us today. Michael Delan has taken a much needed break inand helping us with the PODCAST, but Matthew is writing, or has finishedwriting. Right, your first book, never be poor again, a guideto money as a spiritual practice, and the release date is July the sixteen. That I right. Yes, it is yesterday, right. I'm reallyexcited for it to come out. All I just want to say, John, thank you so much for having me on the show. I'm really,really excited. We had some great conversation. You and I really really hit itoff and it's great talking to you.

But yeah, my book, neverbe poor again, a guide to money is a spiritual practice, comesout on July sixteen. It'll be on Amazon, it will be on barnsand nobles. You can get the eat book on Cobo and pretty much allthe basic scites that you can find. That awesome and you know, itwas really interesting because when we kind of mad over linkedin and you were interestedin in my book, you know, build a life, not a portfolio, because I approached things a little bit differently than most financial advisors, inthat I look at money and your portfolio is just one of the major toolsin planning to build your best life, and a lot of times people getthat mixed up, right. Yeah, they think that money is the endgame. Yeah, how many people do you know, Matthew, that haveall the money in the world and are completely miserable? Oh Man, it'syou know, I say that all the time. People don't understand the difference. It' team being rich and wealthy. Right, to be rich is tohave abundance of money. To be wealthy is to have an abundance of time. And you can have all the money in the world and no time todo anything with that money. Some people are so more poor that all theyhave is money. Exactly, exactly side of this. That's what that's whatwe're all about here on. You know, build your life not out a portfolio, but man's you pease tell me a little bit about what it isthat you do personally to help people. Yes, absolutely, so. Ibridge the gap between people who have no financial literacy and the next step.I am not the financial advisor, I'm not the person who is going totell you to or tell you how to invest your money, although I knowhow to invest. I'm the person that's going to help you and guide youto this, understand the importance of either starting your own business or investing,whether that be in stock market or cryptocurrency, because that's completely up to you,or that means investing in other people, whatever is. But I'm bridging thatgap and I'm giving the financial literacy... understand the laws behind money,the simple, simple things that we need to know before you can even goand try to be rich. First you have to be stable, and soif you're in high school, if you're an entrepreneur who hasn't started a businessyet, if you're just starting a business, that's where I help you. Ibridge that gap. Teach how to write a business plan, a marketingplan, teach you them portance of finances. Actually teach you what to do withyour finances, how to manage your accounts, how to understand what yournet worth is, the fundamentals of finance. That's awesome. That is so that'sa basic step that people tend to just sort of forget about and youknow, one of the interesting statistics that I always talked about is that there'sseventy five and this has been sort of proven out, as much as surveyscan prove things, that over, over multiple surveys, roughly seventy five percentof Americans have no financial plan and even more of them have no life plan. And I see the two really dovetailed tailing. And what you do isyou help people start thinking about, thinking right, thinking. Yeah, gettingthere first, just that first step, just our start, you know,something that we know we should get, get in high school and school.But the point is, we know they're not teaching it to so stop blamingthem. Yeah, at this point, stop blaming them. We have toput it on ourselves. And so I find it interesting how many people arecompletely broken never think to study money. Yeah, they say, I wantto learn the guitar, and they learned, learned with the guitar and they becomea master. I want to learn how to sell, and then theybecome a master dressmaker. Yet they never want them to think, you know, I probably should learn the laws behind money. Right, exactly now,Matthew, I know that you have your in the Marines right, Rah,thank you, thank you and and,...

...but you know, I'm thinking ofMarines to teaching and and showing people about money. Why, where did thatcome from? You know, there's like there's a huge there is that.The Marine Corps was that gap for me. So I grew up in the hood, you know. I mean I grew up in PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY, Patterson, New Jersey, New York, which is right next to New Yorkor and, you know, right back and forth, traveling up toBrooklyn and Manhattan stuff, and so I grew up around crypts and bloods andletting kings and stuff. I grew up around shootouts. Right, we don'tlearn about money, we didn't learn any of that stuff right. And Iwanted to get out of there and I wanted to get out of there sodesperately, so desperately that I would have done anything. And so I rememberI started working at the Brownstone, which was this amazing cater and restaurant that, you know, the weddings and bar mits buzz and worked with politicians andstuff like that. Really really cool show, cool plays that ended up with theirown TV show anyway. And so seeing this, well, seeing thesepeople and saying I can't live like that anymore. I can't live like that, and so I just need to get out of here, and so Ijoined the Marine Corps to get away from gangs. I joined the biggest gangthere is, right, and I was willing to die to get out ofthere. And so then I that. Whole time, though, I hadread Rich Dad, poor dad as a kid. My father had me readthat book when I was twelve years old, and so he had, you know, eighteen, I think is when the secret came out. So thenhe immediately had me read that and and we read drink and grow rich andall these things. So these are all things I grew up with reading.Not many people got that right. What we call my million dollar library.My father gave me even though he never went to high school, he hadthis library. And so, reading all this books, I had this dissonance, this dissonance, and I was still poor. And I did that amazingjob and I was still broke. And then I joined the Marine Corps andI'm still broke. And then I'd went and traveled the world and I'll stillbroken. The one year I made like a Hundredzeros and I was still brokeand I was just like, what is going on? And it was simple. It was my arrogance, not my poverty, keeping me poor. Irecognize that. My poverty never did it.

I was reading the books, butI wasn't reading the Intros, I wasn't reading the conclusions, I wasskipping over the exercises. I was arrogant. I was only doing the steps thatwas in line with my philosophies, my poor persons philosophies, and ifthere was a philosophy that made me go outside of my comfort zone, Ijust skip that. I like that easy right, the things you don't agreewith right, that's what we do. And so it hit me that itwas my arrogance and that until I learned to follow the recipe, that nothingwas going to happen, no matter how hard I try. You could bethe biggest genius in the world. Okay, you can't switch baking soda for Sugarand expect a cake to appear. There's a minimum recipe. There's aminimum recipe and then, after you understand the recipe, then you can makeit a wedding cake, in a Muffin and a cupcake. You can makea big and you can make a small, you can make it blue, youcan make it pink. You can make it look like nightmare on ElmStreet if you want, it doesn't matter. You can make it literally look likeanything, but you can't change the basic formula and that's the formula thatI wasn't following, that most people aren't following, and that's a potent needto understand before they even get to you, the financial advisor. That's absolutely right. Yeah, and you know, it's funny to you think about apilots right, they go to pilot plane. They teach you, when you becomea pilot, party you're getting your pilot's license, is how to examinethe plane and they teach you to really you they teach you to want tofind a crack in the plane, they teach you to want to find somethingwrong when you do your walk around inspection, because until you get to that point, it's a really dangerous thing to exactly pilot your own that I thinkthat's amazing. That's a great way to look at things. I remember,you know, I say to my team, the first thing I do is there'salways going to be an obstacle in a day. Right, there's alwaysgoing to be this challenge or something.

There's always something goes wrong. Sothe first thing I do is I say, Hey, guys, congratulations, guesswhat, we got our first obstacle to conquer today. Yeah, youknow, and the okay, cool, we got our first puzzle. Wehave our first you know, and we just start working on it. Thatwe start, you know, all right, cool, and now becomes this thingthat we just work through and it's like okay, yeah, it's anobstacle, but now it's a puzzle and it's an obstacle that's going to gothis further and we have to have the obstacle. To think we're not goingto have that obstacle is absolutely insane. Right. And and you you buildyour recipe like you're saying. Then I call, you know, my analogies, Road Map. Right. There's always going to be a detour, it'salways gonna be something, an obstacle that comes up, but if you staytrue to your map and your destination and your plan and you're consistent, yougot that mindset, you'll get there exactly. I love that you say road map, because another term I use is treasure maps. Right, so youmake, you make a treasure map, you better treasure map. You're gettingto that treasure no matter what. You want to cross the bridge. Maybethe bridge isn't there. You think that's going to stop. You know ifyou have the treasure map. But if you don't have the treasure map andyou're like, Oh yeah, I'm going to go get that, and thenyou go to the your like I got across the bridge and bridges are gone, you're like, Oh, okay, I guess I can't get there.I guess I can't get there. Let's just know to do. I don'tknow how far the river goes that way in that way, and the riverwas way too far that way. I don't know. So it's a loteasier to quit in that moment, and so that's your right. It's importantto have the road map, to have that treasure mat to have that recipe, that formula to follow that. Frankly, a master spent tenzero hours figuring outin the first place, doing everything possibly wrong, until you forgot out. Oh Man, I have to do at least this. And so nowwe want to be Arrow and liked too smart for that. No, we'renot, because not right. Yeah, I run into a lot of peoplethat are very successful that you know,...

...then they are there right they're supersmart, they're very good at what they do. There master at what theybut I always say that, you know, football, my hands is worth abouttwenty twenty five bucks, right. You put in drew breeze's hand fortyeight million or so, right, yeah, you know, you put it inthe hands of a master and and it makes a huge difference, exactly. And that's any tool, right, that's any tool. It's in thetool. You're right, exactly. Yeah, whether it's a paint brush, sure, or guitar, a Hammer, doesn't matter. You know, ifyou if you're the person that becomes the master at it, and a master, for the people that don't know this, is simply a person who masters thefundamentals. That's what an expert is, right, they master the fundamentals.That's what a master is. They take the fundamentals and they practice thoseover and over and over, because those can't change. The principles can't change, and that's what I teach. I teach principles that can't change it.So it doesn't matter if you go to a financial advisor or cryptocurrency if itdoesn't matter if you're thinking about for one K or buying a business, you'regoing to know principles and you're going to know whether it's a good choice orbad choice, because the principles are going to tell you. Yeah, that'sright. Hey, before we get off the get off the show here,Matthew, can you give us, just to give us an example all thetime where you've been able to make a significant difference in somebody's life through whatyou're you teaching, what you do? Yes, you know, I havea good friend of mine, Bria, who she was also a cooke.She also is a coach. She teaches, she's just, you know, phenomenal, phenomenal teacher. The only thing was is just the organization of heraccount. So she hired me to do some simple like teacher some classes,and so her working with me, I think it was within three months,she immediately went became, you know, started earning six figures from four figuresand I think, yeah, I'm pretty...

...sure it was like ninety days.And she talks about all the time. She's always talking about it. Youknow, I'm just like, but it's all we did was really really simplethings and it was just organization. And the truth is, everyone knows theserules. I'm just going to show you the importance of them. I loveit, you know I love it. The the them, the amount ofdifference, it's just huge, right. Yeah, and it's just is usuallysomething's different simple to remove and then add back the fundamentals. So that isawesome. Well, well, wrapping up here now, but I want tomake sure people know how they can get in touch with the people know megenerally speaking. They know they can go out to Guardian Rock wealthcom, hitthe contact US button and I'm happy to speak with anybody, no matter whereyou're starting from. If you're starting from somewhere like you just haven't even gottengoing yet and don't know where to go, and I may, I mean,work with you myself, or I may have you give Matthew a callto get you started and and then you come to me later. But we'rewilling to we're willing to help, and Matthew and I could work together todo that. Absolutely. And you guys also know you can get a copyof my book build a life, not a portfolio, right there on thewebsite, just by filling out that contact US page and get straight to me. But Matthew, how do they get in touch with you? Yes,okay, so thank you yeah, and please make sure to buy his book. His books going to be awesome. It's going to change your life.Make sure I got my book. Never be poor again. You can contactme. I am the money mystic. You can find me on facebook asthe money mystic, on instagram money mystic three, five nine. My websiteis money mystic dot co, notcom but money mystic DOT Co. My phonenumber is right on my Linkedin Matthew Morale has and make sure if find mybook on Amazon, Barns and nobles, never before again. It comes outon July sixteenth and I would be happy, happy, happy, to give yousome resources and anything you guys need... get on the path it takesto success. Awesome. Thanks again, Matthew. Is Real pleasure. Ireally enjoyed it and looking forward to get in this podcast out to folks andhopefully making a difference of people's lives. Yeah, thank you. I hada great time on the show, great time talking to you and I hopeI got a chance to do the show it to you again. All right, absolutely, thanks a lot. Thank you. Money really is a bigpart of our lives and John Browning can help you and your family learn howto keep money in the proper perspective. It's important, but it's only atool that can help you build the life that you want. If you like, John Emeill you a free copy of his book build a life, nota portfolio. Go to John's website, Guardian Rock wealthcom, and click thecontact to US link and send your request. John Will Mell a copy of hisbook right to your door absolutely free. Thanks for listening to building your lifepodcast with John Browning. Be Sure to subscribe to this podcast so eachnew episode will be sent to you automagically when it's released. Have a terrificday. Nothing in this podcast should be construed as personal investment advice and pastperformance is no guarantee of future results. Investing is not appropriate for everyone.There is a risk of loss associated with investing in the markets. No representationor implication is being made that using any methodology or system will generate profits orinsure freedom from losses. Please remember that investing carries risk. Guardian Rock WealthLLC and it's affiliates are fiduciary investment advisors. Please consult with US or another experiencedqualified investment advisor before making any investment decisions and or trying to implement anyof the strategies and tactics we may discuss in any of our publications or podcasts.

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