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Episode · 5 days ago

Personal Paycheck Protection Program

How can you keep your paychecks coming even when life throws you a curveball? That's what financial planning expert John Browning shares on today's episode.

Episode · 1 week ago

Types of Trusts – revocable, irrevocable, living, etc.

What is a Trust and when should you have one? Which type is best for you? Learn how to protect your finances with a Trust. What you learn in the next few minutes could give you peace of mind for the rest of your life. Listen to #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and Financial Planning Expert, John Browning... he's a guy you can trust. :)

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Building Your Credit vs Debit Card

What's the difference between using a credit card and a debit card? When is it ok to carry some debt. Listen as John Browning shares some sage advice AND one place to put your money that has a guaranteed return.

Episode · 3 weeks ago

Episode 47: The Risks and Rewards of Home Appreciation and Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage, the risk involved in assuming your home will always appreciate in value and some tips regarding the best way to mitigate that risk.